Network of Greek Psychologists
in the Netherlands


The idea for the Network of Greek Psychologists in the Netherlands was first conceived by a group of mental health professionals. Their initiative aims in providing psychological support and counseling services on a wide range of mental health issues. The motivation for the establishment of the Network is the realization that there are increasing needs due to the economic crisis in the Greek community, which they would like to address.

The client asked for a logotype that could communicate both the scientific nature of the network but also it’s origin and the one of the target group. The aim is to inspire a friendly feeling and openness to new people. The final logo is the combination of 
a Tulip (Netherlands) and the letter Psi 
(Psychology) as a negative space. 
The colors used, orange and light blue, depict the Dutch and Greek origin and the combination between 3 different shapes that create an original image communicate the idea of a network.