A poster tribute to the most epic of missions!
Have you heard of MARS One?
Fascinated by the surrealism of this idea, MarsOne is a personal project creating
a poster-tribute series to MarsOne 2023 Space Mission.
[In a nutshell, the plan is to send 8 candidates with a one-way ticket to live, prosper
and eventually multiply on planet Mars.] The poster uses a space-themed marbled paper
as a background, with a variation of Max Romeo’s “chase the devil” lettering
screen-printed on top, emphasizing the irony of a one way trip to another planet.
Paper marbling / Screen printing / FluoYellow-White-Purple inks
50 x 70 cm / 55 totally different copies
Browse all the posters here / Buy one here
Exhibited in Druckberlin Festival 2013
& Kalopsia Collective 'Contemporary Textiles Exhibition'  2014
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